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Water Heaters


If you're a member of North Central Missouri Electric Cooperative and:

  • Your gas or electric water heater is giving you problems
  • You're building a new home
  • You want a water heater where there's never been one before

CALL US at 660-265-4404 or 800-279-2264!


North Central Missouri Electric Cooperative - Business Hours


For details on this program, call Colby Roof at phone number above, E-Mail . If E-Mailing, please include Water Heaters in your subject line.


Energy Star Savings

If you are not a member of NCMEC, and you are in need of a new water heater, following are the sizes of water heaters we have available. The water heater we use is the RUUD Brand and has R-16 insulation in the sidewalls.

  • 50 Gallon
  • 40 Gallon


Call For More Information

R.E.C Now offers Marathon Water Heaters in 75, 50 and 40 Gallon, for more information call Colby Roof (660) 265-4404 0r 1-800-279-2264


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