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Smart-Hub allows members to make payments in a secure environment right from their mobile device or PC.  SmartHub provides a safe and secure environment for bill payments and transactions between the cooperative and members’ financial institutions.  Through SmartHub, members can see detailed usage information from all of their accounts.

Creating a SmartHub account takes less than three minutes.  Members enter their profile information, choose their provider, and they’re ready to begin.  Once set up, members will see a screen with windows allowing them to view and manage usage, make payments or view communications and alerts from the cooperative.  Members can also click on “My Usage” at the top for detailed information on usage by the month, day or hour.  This information can be very valuable to a member  who is questioning a  bill to see exactly when and what time of day their usage spiked or receded, for example during holiday company, or when away for a family vacation.  

If you need help using SmartHub, you can click on the “Help” button within the application on the upper, right-hand corner of the page on the screen.

Click here for SmartHub access

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