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Home Comfort Systems

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heating and cooling is the process of capturing the solar energy stored just below the surface of the earth. This stored solar energy is removed from the earth to heat your home during the winter months, and similarly, heat is removed from the home and deposited back to the earth during the cooling season.

The earth absorbs and stores approximately 47% of the sun’s solar energy. The result is fairly constant underground temperature average of 55 degrees at around 6 feet deep.

The heat exchanger, commonly referred to as a closed loop system, is buried in the ground and circulates a water solution through a series of pipes. This solution captures the stored solar energy and delivers it back to the Geothermal system located in the house. The Geothermal unit then transfers the solar heat throughout the house using standard forced air ductwork providing heat in the winter. The Geothermal system will then reverse the cycle during the cooling season.

Dual Fuel Systems

Dual fuel is using two fuels to heat the home instead of one. This means combining a high efficiency Air Source Heat Pump with a fossil fuel (propane) furnace. Air Source Heat Pump is a home comfort unit that will heat your home in the winter and cool it efficiently in the summer. With dual fuel, the heat pump will meet the needs of the home down to about 30 degrees. When the efficiency of the heat pump is dropping off an outdoor thermostat switches to the fossil fuel furnace.

Your cooperative offers a load control rate for dual fuel systems that when below the 30 degree setting on outdoor thermostat the system switches to gas which alleviate some of the increased demand on your cooperative and all members benefit.


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